The poet’s privacy by Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri, drown with watercolor and gouache(9123)

$ 21,000

The word miniature (Negargari) comes from “minimum natural” meaning small and delicate art in nature. Miniature was popular in the middle ages. It was special to the East, particularly Iran and mostly created during 15th Century. Persian miniature follows certain rules of painting landscape and usually does not observe natural proportions. The painted objects do not resemble their real world image. They are mostly quite small, but they show rich, complex scenes that attract any viewer for a long period of time. Color is simply a decorative tool and details are very important. The magnificence of precious original Persian works has endowed them universal popularity in most of the prominent centers round the world such as embassies and consulates. Accordingly, we also attempt to present you with artifacts created by some of the greatest Iranian miniature painters in SERMEH website.

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Certainly Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri isThe most popular Persian painter and definetely his signature is really valuable in the world of painting .If you interested to know about Mohamad Bagher Aghamiri you can click link.

Name of painting:poet’s privacy

Code 9123
artist Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri
style Negargari
compose watercolor- gouache
length CM
width CM


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