Iranian Art

Iranian Art

The arts of Iran are one of the richest art heritages in world history which surround several traditional disciplines including architecture,painting,literature,music, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking .In addition There is a very vigorous Iranian modern and  current art scene, as well as cinema and photography.
Iranian art is known as an art derived from concepts such as the transcendence of the soul and the attainment of the world of meaning and immortality with a truth-oriented attitude and sacred art throughout the world.At different times,the impact from the art of neighboring cultures have been very significant, and recently Persian art gave and received important impact as part of the lager method of Islamic art.


In fact, painting has a general concept that includes various methods and styles of Iranian painting , those included in the book and manuscripts and those that are on the walls and the other canvases done. In fact, the artist paints what he has imagined in the curtain, and in this way,by grasping the divine thread and using the Islamic teachings to create the work of the Iranian Islamic art. In general, the painting is the same as Persian and Oriental art,which is unique to the country of Iran and is rooted in the culture of our country and unique in the world.Formerly  instead of “painting” the word “miniature” is use,and the word “miniature” has a French root which  has entered in our country since the end of the nineteenth century and refers to Iranian paintings, while in the French ,they call miniature to any object.


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