History of Saffron: a Saffron is a plant that grows up to 30 cm in height.
The saffron plant has purple flowers with six petals.
Saffron flowers have three flags and a pink-colored tri-colored spit tree,
the part used for this end of the cream and the three-branched claws,
known as saffron, with its aromatic color and aroma.
Saffronis a plant that is dubbed “red gold”
because of its great value and the main income of people in the cities of Khorasan.

Saffron properties

Saffron, is a herb that can grow in a healthy environment.
This plant only needs water on the 1st of November
and it will suffice for the first spring of rain and snow.
Saffron, is a vegetable that does not cost much for transportation.
This plant has a nutritional and drug use and is very much considered due to limited cultivation in Iran.
The cultivation of this plant is the job of most people in the Khorasan region and has a special role in the lives of people in the north-east of Iran. Saffron, has medicinal properties,
and its most important feature is its joy that it is considered a drug against depression
and is used as a natural and herbal remedy for nerves.

History of Saffron

The history of saffron, cultivation in Iran dates back to the ancient times.
Then it was taken from Iran to Greece and Rome.
During the Parthian period,
saffron was exported to Iran and later it was exported to China during the Mogul saffron period,
and China was also among saffron customers in Iran.
It has been said that Saffron, was also popular in Qom during the Sassanid period.
In the Islamic period, saffron was also taken to Arab countries,
and the countries around the Mediterranean became familiar with its cultivation method.

Export of Saffron

Originally, Iran was the only exporter of saffron in the world, but in recent years,
other countries have entered the saffron industry.
In the new era of Spain,
it is a rival for Iran and one of the exporters of saffron.
The UAE has become one of the saffron exporters without saffron cultivation.
In addition, many countries such as Afghanistan,
India and others have been active in saffron trade.


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