Iranian Handicraft

Iranian Handicraft

Iranian Handicraft :The identity of any country can be found in the context of the culture
and history of that ancient civilization,and this identity is part of an ancient story of the connections between the arts and civilization of the people of that region.
Iran, having a deep and deep civilization,One of the founders of cultural and historical civilization is considered among all the countries of the world.

Iranian Handicraft


artwork But among the works of art,despite the different cultures throughout Iran,we are witnessing different works,
one of the most recent of these works of art, handicraft art,
which brings up the appearance of ethnic and national culture.
In this article we are going to get acquainted with a selection
of the best works of Iranian handicrafts that have a worldwide reputation.

What is Iranian Handicraft ?

In general, handicrafts can be considered ”
using the art of the hands of people through the primary means
and indigenous materials that produce the art industry.
” The distinction of handicrafts is incalculable with a variety of contemporary products,
these handicrafts are not only different in terms of the production process with other products, but also give a different attitude to the enthusiasts of this art.

But the distinction of these industries with today’s products is not summarized in the production process. And other affairs, such as the culture specific to that art,
and the way of thinking and cultural history of the area in which these handicrafts are also produced,
so that handicrafts are not as a commodity but as an exchange National and cultural value.

Craft features

Iranian Handicraft : Creating or Producing Indigenous Raw Materials The application of cultural principles
and the creation of indigenous
and national cultural imagery Value for money compared to other products Ability to create production expansion basins in similar indigenous areas The ability to transfer the production process through the family or the principles of cultural transfer of that region,
such as student and professor.

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