Persian Turquoise 

persian-turquoiseTurquoise is one of the precious stones known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the wish of all the kings of the kingdoms from Cyrus and Darius the Great as gifts to all kings. People in ancient times believed that turquoise stone had many healing properties for their body so they used it in their rings, necklaces, bracelets and even earrings. This generation-by-generation belief was transmitted to the people of the modern age and quoted among them.

Turquoise stone is found all over the world and its history as a spiritual stone dates back to 7,500 years ago. Iranian turquoise is one of the best turquoise in the world and turquoise mines in Iran are among the first mines of this rock. Other sources include China, North and South America, Saudi Arabia and Tibet. Virginia Mining is one of the rarest types of turquoise to form prismatic crystals.

 Turquoise is a pure and precious stone. Turquoise repels negative energies and can protect the body against external and polluting effects in the air.

Turquoise stone is capable of balancing and aligning all the chakras of the body, stabilizing the mood swings, inducing inner peace for individuals. Turquoise is an excellent stone for treating depression and fatigue. Turquoise stone has the power to prevent nerve attacks such as panic and anxiety.

persian-turquoiseThe magnetic forces in turquoise, in addition to relaxing, also awaken the inner forces of individuals. These forces, with their awakening powers, reinforce some of the individual’s inner forces. Turquoise stone is a powerful and supportive. It also protects the person while traveling. So traveling with turquoise jewelry is highly recommended.

Native Americans believed that the stone protects the horse’s rider and generally protects the bad eye. Called the “Sky Stone” or “Paradise Stone”, they believed that it would create a spiritual bridge between the material and non-material worlds and give the holder a powerful psychic ability.

Turquoise stone contributes to complications of malfunctioning liver and glands. Strengthens the eyes and is effective against eye diseases and correcting blood circulation. Cures throat pain, pulmonary inflammation, and respiratory tract diseases. It is useful for depression and strengthens the heart.

To enhance the eye and cure eye diseases, apply turquoise to the eye or use turquoise to provide a cure. It is advisable for those who lose their sight at night to use cyanosis. Turquoise stone can cure it if the pupil is white or anything else in the eye.

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