Handmade Giveh Shoes

Why we should choose Giveh?

Handmade Giveh Shoes

According to University Health Service of University of Michigan Wearing good shoes can help you to feel your best and help prevent injuries. Shoe choice can affect your whole body, not just your feet and look for shoe that: Handmade Giveh Shoes

  • Have a stiff back.
  • Have a small amount of torque.
  • Bend where your toes bend.
  • Provide arch support
  • Are wide enough and long enough at the toes
  • Feel comfortable right 


Given that we could recommend one of Persian handmade shoes named “Giveh” that meets all above criteria that you are looking for. Additionally combination of the great cooling system, thick sole and light weight makes it ideal choice for especially summer. Cotton fibers will allow air to pass through the shoe faster and prevent odor from shoes. The material which is used to make the sole is leather and cotton that makes Giveh a great support to your foot and absorbs shock.

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