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 How To Identify Real Turquoise??

Identify Real Turquoise

Gold Turquoise PendantsIdentify a real Turquoise is not easy even for experts. It is recommended to ask for a certificate once you purchase a Turquoise.

But there are couple of ways that you can identify a real turquoise:

  • The veins in turquoise are actually the remains of rocks and metals that have already formed turquoise over million years and appear during the process of oxidation. Depending on the type of turquoise, these veins can appear in black, white, brown and yellow. It is very difficult to create this kind of natural designs in factories that are trying to imitate turquoise, so you can easily recognize fake types.
  • Place the purchased stone in the sun for a short time. If the color changes slightly, this indicates that they used artificial color and the turquoise is fake.
  • Use your finger or a nail to rub along the surface of the stone. If a deep line appear on turquoise your turquoise is fake. Not only will turquoise not be scratched, it can also make scratch on a glass.

Turquoise is one of the most popular gemstones in the Word. The color varies between In order to identify the value of the turquoise


Turquoise Value:

persian-turquoiseTurquoise stones have different values because each turquoise stones differ in the size and quality from one another. All Turquoise stones in the world are measured and valued by comparing to Neishabour’s (City in Iran) turquoise  and this provides a rating scale for turquoise pricing. The price range varies after the stone is cut and polished on a per carat basis.

Neishabour’s Turquoise is the worldwide criterian for price and quality evaluation of turquoise stones.


Turquoise pricing factors:

  • The Mine: The mine is foremost factor in determining Turquoise value. If mining operation hauls or if the amount of extraction decreases, turquoise price will increase significantly. This stone is mined in many parts of the world, but Iran, Tibet, USA and Egypt have  principal turquoise mines all over the world .The most important mines in Iran are in Neishabour, Damghan and Kerman and the most valuable type in the world’s commercial trade is Neishabour turquoise.


  • Hardness: once the turquoise is mined, only a small part can be used in jewelry depend on stone hardness. In order to have the stones be ready for market they have to be shaped and treated. We could rarely find a stone ready for use in jewelry when it comes from the mine. Hardness is one of turquoise valuation factor in order to have turquoise polished.


  • Color: The most prized Turquoise is an even blue, traditionally called Persian Blue. It is good to know that the color of this gem is blue due to the presence of some copper in it, Presence of chromium or vanadium turn the color to green and the presence of iron turn the color of stone to yellowish green. The color of the original turquoise stone is usually slightly matte.
  • Matrix:  Some of these stones have streaks, but others are completely smooth and uniformly blue, with no streaks or fractures on their surface. String turquoise, also known as spider, is popular in the market. What is very important for buyers is the color of the stone. If it has golden streaks inside, it will be more expensive.

persian-turquoiseIn most turquoises there are couple of streaks or black or brownish-brown veins that are related to the parent rock that makes them up. These streaks are sometimes formed in regular and irregular designs, in which case they are called or a tree design. If this design is regular, transparent and beautiful, it will increase the price of turquoise stones, and if it is irregular and impure in the form of dots and spots, the price of turquoise will be reduced. The more similar the streaks on this mineral to the foliage, the more expensive the turquoise stone is..


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