How To Identify Real Turquoise??

Identify Real Turquoise Identify a real Turquoise is not easy even for experts. It is recommended to ask for a certificate once you purchase a Turquoise. But there are couple of ways that you can identify a real turquoise: The veins in turquoise are actually the remains of rocks and metals that have already formed […]

Why we should choose Giveh?

Handmade Giveh Shoes According to University Health Service of University of Michigan Wearing good shoes can help you to feel your best and help prevent injuries. Shoe choice can affect your whole body, not just your feet and look for shoe that: Handmade Giveh Shoes Have a stiff back. Have a small amount of torque. Bend where your […]


Persian Turquoise  Turquoise is one of the precious stones known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the wish of all the kings of the kingdoms from Cyrus and Darius the Great as gifts to all kings. People in ancient times believed that turquoise stone had many healing properties for their body so they used […]

َAuthentic Iranian art (Tobafi)

Towels Weaving (Tobafi) In this article you will be introduced to the fine art of Towel Weaving (Tobafi), which is one of the handicrafts of the people of Khorasan-e-Jonubi. Follow us on. Towel weaving, which has been practiced in one of the villages of Khorasan in the past, called Kharashad. Most women in this village […]

KHORASHAD, Weaving Towels (TOBAFI)

Handmade Towels The field of weaving towels that is locally known as weaving Handmade towels (Tobafi) is one of the oldest handicrafts in South Khorasan. According to historical documents, the popularity of hand-made cotton and silk fabrics made in the province of Old Ghahestan in the early Islamic centuries is widely cited. Various products of […]


Persian  Turquoise Over the past decades, the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) has conducted many field investigations revealing numerous gemstone occurrences in the Khorasan Razavi Province (KRP) in Northeast Iran. Agate, onyx, amethyst, jasper, opal, rock crystal (clear quartz), rose quartz, orthoclase, tourmaline, fluorite, epidote, garnet group, ilmenite, aragonite, chrysocolla, and Persian Turquoise are some […]

Termeh, Manifestation of Delicate Iranian Art

Termeh Luxury Persian Fabric Termeh is a fine handmade fabric that is made of two strands of woven yarn, the warp and the weft. The weft is usually woven more loosely than the warp. Termeh Luxury Persian Fabric is mostly made of wool or silk and decorated with traditional Iranian motifs. Termeh History Weaving Termeh […]

Lalejin Pottery, the Magic of Water, Dust and Color

Handmade Pottery and Ceramics of Lalejin Pottery is the fine art of forming vessels and other objects with clay. Pottery vessels might be the oldest handmade craft in the world. In different regions of Iran the art of pottery exists in various forms.Handmade Pottery and Ceramics of Lalejin Pottery urns and bowls are some of […]

Sermeh Embroidery or Shining Art on Fabric

Sermeh Embroidery or Shining Art on Fabric Iranians have always been an art-loving people throughout the history. In every corner of this land, artists have created amazing artifacts; they have created new images rising from the depth of their hearts to amaze the viewer.(Sermeh Embroidery) From north to south of the country, people of different […]


Persian Zilou, Handwoven Floor Covering Textile manufacturing is one of the native Iranian arts and has a millennia-long history, ranging from Pazirak, the renowned Achaemenid rugs, to exquisite Sassanid woven fabrics or Seljuk woven fabrics, and to the exquisite Safavid era fabrics and carpets that flourished during the Safavid era. All of which represent the […]