How To Identify Real Turquoise??

Identify Real Turquoise Identify a real Turquoise is not easy even for experts. It is recommended to ask for a certificate once you purchase a Turquoise. But there are couple of ways that you can identify a real turquoise: The veins in turquoise are actually the remains of rocks and metals that have already formed […]


Persian Turquoise  Turquoise is one of the precious stones known in ancient times in Iran. Turquoise is the wish of all the kings of the kingdoms from Cyrus and Darius the Great as gifts to all kings. People in ancient times believed that turquoise stone had many healing properties for their body so they used […]


Persian  Turquoise Over the past decades, the Geological Survey of Iran (GSI) has conducted many field investigations revealing numerous gemstone occurrences in the Khorasan Razavi Province (KRP) in Northeast Iran. Agate, onyx, amethyst, jasper, opal, rock crystal (clear quartz), rose quartz, orthoclase, tourmaline, fluorite, epidote, garnet group, ilmenite, aragonite, chrysocolla, and Persian Turquoise are some […]


Iranian Jewels Museum The treasure of the ” National Jewels Treasury ” is a collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world that has been available for centuries and ages. The importance of jewelry in the “National Jewels Treasury” is not limited to its economic value, but it reflects the taste of Iranian craftsmen and […]


Kind of  Persian Gemstones Turquoise(Persian Gemstones): Turquoise is one of the most beauty and stunning stone in Iran (formerly known as Persia) for over 5000 years.Although Iranian production accounts for just a small fraction of the world’s total output, its turquoise still sets the standard for quality. It name in Iran as “Ferozah” which translated […]