Iranian Handicraft Iranian Handicraft :The identity of any country can be found in the context of the culture and history of that ancient civilization, and this identity is part of an ancient story of the connections between the arts and civilization of the people of that region. Iran, having a deep and deep civilization, One […]


ISFAHAN   Isfahan is located 406 kilometers south of Tehran, and it is located at the intersection of the two principal north_south and east–west routes of Iran. Its also has hot weather during the summer and it has very cold nights in winter. Isfahan also has many, monuments, historical buildings, paintings and Handicrafts. Its one of […]


ISFAHAN  (Isfahan Handicrafts) Isfahan has maintained its position as a major center for traditional crafts in Persia. Isfahan Handicrafts encompass textiles, carpets, metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, painting, and inlay works of various kind. The work is carried out in different settings including small industrial and bazaar workshops, in the homes of craftsmen and women, and in rural […]

Turquoise Inlaying, Miracle Handicrafts Of Isfahan

  Turquoise Inlaying First of all, Iranian artist buys waste turquoise chips from turquoise forming workshops or turquoise mines in Mashhad, Neishabour or Damghan. Since such chips are usually accompanied by some earth and ordinary stone chips, they are first separated and cleaned. Then, the chips are graded based on their sizes so the right size turquoise […]