Termeh, Manifestation of Delicate Iranian Art

Termeh Luxury Persian Fabric Termeh is a fine handmade fabric that is made of two strands of woven yarn, the warp and the weft. The weft is usually woven more loosely than the warp. Termeh Luxury Persian Fabric is mostly made of wool or silk and decorated with traditional Iranian motifs. Termeh History Weaving Termeh […]


Persian Painting As a matter of fact, its true to declare that it was at the end of the Qajar time, or thereabouts, that Persian painting in its several branches,overtake its nadir. The last half-century, has seen a significant renaissance, helped by the foundation of art schools in different parts of the country. By the […]


BIOGRAPHY Mohammad Bagher Aghamiri is one of te best and most famous Iranian Painter, he  was born in Daryasogand, Bijar, 1950 . He Born in a family of artists. Mohammad Aghamiri after passing the primary and secondary school in Tehran and obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in painting from Tehran stairs to the UK went […]