KHORASHAD, Weaving Towels (TOBAFI)

Handmade Towels The field of weaving towels that is locally known as weaving Handmade towels (Tobafi) is one of the oldest handicrafts in South Khorasan. According to historical documents, the popularity of hand-made cotton and silk fabrics made in the province of Old Ghahestan in the early Islamic centuries is widely cited. Various products of […]

Sermeh Embroidery or Shining Art on Fabric

Sermeh Embroidery or Shining Art on Fabric Iranians have always been an art-loving people throughout the history. In every corner of this land, artists have created amazing artifacts; they have created new images rising from the depth of their hearts to amaze the viewer.(Sermeh Embroidery) From north to south of the country, people of different […]