Lalejin Pottery, the Magic of Water, Dust and Color

Handmade Pottery and Ceramics of Lalejin Pottery is the fine art of forming vessels and other objects with clay. Pottery vessels might be the oldest handmade craft in the world. In different regions of Iran the art of pottery exists in various forms.Handmade Pottery and Ceramics of Lalejin Pottery urns and bowls are some of […]


Lalejin, City of Pottery The great view from the hills of Hekmataneh and the palaces of Laodicea are the trademarks of Hamedan. Pottery is still popular in this province and has made it the most important source of income throughout the region. There are around 550 workshops in Hamedan,about 6296 people are working in these […]


The First Pottery Of Mankind The first dishes made by humans for daily use were baskets. In this form they were covered the baskets with flowers in order to penetrate them in and out. When the pottery and pottery industry was created and the possibility of making furnaces and cooking slime was made, people remembered […]