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Presence of different cultures in Iran has led to a great diversity of Persian handicrafts. They tell a lot about the creativity and aesthetic taste of different communities. In Isfahan, quite like other top tourist destinations in Iran, you will come across a huge range of handicrafts. The city is in fact a hub for crafts and folk art. Walking through the traditional bazaar, you can see craftsmen working to bring stone, metal and wood to life.Isfahan is internationally known as the heart of Iran’s handicraft industry. Over 100 handicrafts of Isfahan have UNESCO’s Seal of Excellence. They include Malileh embroidery, Qalamkar cloth work, Termeh fabric designs and the eloquent Isfahan carpets. Officials say Isfahan’s handicrafts are sold well in international markets.The fame of Isfahan led to the Persian pun and proverb “Esfahān nesf-e- jahān ast”: Isfahan is half (of) the world.