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Wood carving is one of the most brilliant handicrafts in Iran, which, like many other kinds of ancient crafts, is a combination of art and patience . Artisans create intricate and valuable crafts out of inexpensive and raw materials. Wood carving involves carving of wood based on precise designs. Each carved piece of wood is a reflection of its creator’s feeling, perception, and opinion. Iranian wood carvers use different kinds of woods available in the country. Using simple tools such as metal chisels, with laudable patience and with the help of Kufic scripts, Arabesques, Cathays , flowers, and birds they manifest Islamic and Iranian values in their works. Important wood carvings in the country can be found in mosques, castles and ancient buildings. Some of the Iranian inlaid works are preserved in museums inside or outside Iran. The usual images are rose leaves and drawings of birds and animals. Latticed woodwork is another art, which is made by hand. Abadeh in the province of Shiraz and Golpaygan in the province of Isfahan Province are the main centers of wood carving. Besides, there is a group engaged in wood carving in Bushehr. In other parts of the country wood carvings are done separately, too.

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