Handmade Ceramic White Tray(5123)

CDN$ 45

These platters are at once modern and traditional, fitting in perfectly with all your existing kitchenware and dining sets.The word “یادگار دوست” represented in the calligraphic fashion on the try means “ memories of friends” or “valuable things received  from persons we love them” which embodies a very deep and pure love in Persian literature. A couple of golden birds siting on the head of the tray, symbolizes a true and eternal love too.

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Laljin, the pottery and Ceramic Craft capital of Iran, is located 20 km Northwest of Hamedan And one of the most important pottery centers in Iran. Also, according to archaeologists and historians, Persian Handmade Ceramic Craft in Lalejin has a very long history going back about 7,500 years.Handmade Iranian Pottery Plate

About 80% of the Lalejin population earns through ceramics or related industry jobs. Lalejin is known as the pottery and Ceramic Craft capital of the world. In Addition, the variety of colors and designs of Laljean Hand Craft Ceramic is such that it captivates the viewer. The pottery of this area have high quality, and the people of Laljin still use handcuffs to make pottery.

Laljin is one of the major centers of Persian Handmade Ceramic Craft around the world. Also, Its products are exported to other countries in addition to nearby cities in Iran.

A team of World Craft Council judges in 2017 visited the workshops and stores of Lalejin to study the city’s status. Eventually, Laljin was designated as the World Crafts City by the WCC (World Craft Concil).

Gray Serving Platter, Handmade Ceramic Platter, Serving Dish, Ceramic Plate, Housewarming Gift and Pottery Gift. Impress your guests with this Platter. Because of their sturdy and craftsman quality, they make ideal housewarming feeling for the people invited to a family or friendly gathering.

Matching patterned  boxes with lid & other style of tray is available.


– Dishwasher safe

– Lead free

Handmade in Chaghook, Iran.

 For more information,Please Click.(https://www.sermeh.net/2019/03/04/lalejin-pottery/


29 cm / 11.41"


White, Gold



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