Painted Copper Candlesticks (03105)

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The Painted Copper, It can be defined as painting on the body of the copper products. For the design and construction of other parts of the body, they use traditional and old designs with azure blue and turquoise blue colors that represent the ancient Persian culture. 


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Isfahan’s Handmade Persian Crafts are created by merging two types of handicrafts, namely Copper craft and Enameling crafts. Enamel is one of the oldest and most popular types of handicrafts dating back several thousand years. The enamel can also be made of gold and silver copper, but nowadays most enamel work is done on copper. Enamel working and decorating metals with colorful and baked coats is one of the distinguished courses of art in Isfahan

The painting style used in copper Called Stylish. Stylist is one of the most valuable types of painting methods. In this style, the artist draws shapes such as flowers, birds, or human faces, etc., and draws lines and flowers around them. Copper and enamel dishes come from the creativity of Isfahan artists.

In general, The copper metal used for the the construction of painted copper should have a high relative thickness and strength. To prevent oxidation of copper and its black color, polyester coating is used on copper. Also, polyester Coating increases the resistance of the product.

This beautiful Handmade Persian Crafts is great  for so many things. It could be used for serving types of fruit or sweet and even candy. That is considered to be the most beautiful Handmade Painted Copper Craft. This product has a 10 years warranty.

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Painting on Copper Dish


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