Handmade Klash Footwear(Giveh Shoe) (Model1106)

CDN$ 69

What an amazing job! now we can see a combination of modernism and tradition in our ancient shoe called “Klash”. Klash is an ancient shoe that is made of natural materials such as cotton and leather. From ancient times up to now, lots of Iranians are used to wear this type of shoe specially in summertime. Because of the specific and natural materials used to make it, the feet are kept cool. 


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Handmade Persian klash Shoe

Giveh , also called Handmade Persian klash Shoe, is a traditional footwear used to be very popular all over Iran in the past. The lightweight and breathable footwear was originally intended to wear by men.

The Guy texture dates back to the thousand years ago among the people of Marivan. The men and women of this city are grappling with special desire.

The cluster’s characteristics of these Handmade Persian klash Shoe are symmetry. Which means that it is not left and right for it. The walk with the cluster is proportional to the shape and morphology of the legs, its chest and the chest pose, and on the heel. This form causes Elimination of fatigue and lack of tired legs when walking.

The most important thing is that from an environmental point of view. No environmental contamination is created after its use, since its consumables are completely normal. They decompose in less than one year and transform into their natural elements. While other foot the software takes a few years to decompose.

 In manufacturing and production, this type of industrial device is not involved, which makes the field of employment  for many people in the region.for more information please click.(https://sermeh.net//2019/10/31/a-brief-history-of-giveh-klash/) (https://www.sermeh.net/2019/02/26/klash/)

The only job that you should do is giving your feet size to us and we will send this an amazing shoes to you as soon as possible.

Weight 0.5 g

cotton & Leather




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