Termeh Handmade Luxury Tablecloth (9210)

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Termeh refers to the delicate fabric that is made of two strands of woven and woven yarn.The fabric is loose on the back of the Termeh. Its weave density is high. Its body is made of wool or silk with traditional Iranian designs.


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Termeh Handwoven Textile is an exquisite fabric that is usually made of wool, silk or woolen fibers decorated mostly by paisley pattern. Termeh is also pronounced Terameh and has sometimes been considered an equivalent of Cashmere. Iranians’ tastes and originality in weaving this delicate texture, the material they use and their creativity in designs are unique in the world.

In the past, this exquisite fabric was used in making garments for the noble and the wealthy. Also, it was exported to other countries . Termeh had a wide variety of uses, including fine and aristocratic clothing, curtains and prayer matts.

The color of Iranian cashmere is usually made from natural herbs. This color may come from the root, trunk, leaves, flowers, fruit or skin of plants.

In general, one of the most common design motifs associated with the termeh is the boteh motif known in the west as the paisley design. 

The quality of Termeh Handwoven Textile is determined by the number of colors used and the density of texture. Because of more colors used and the higher density, the quality of Termeh will be improved.“The number of colors used in this fabric is 8, so its density is 8. This is really high quality Termeh”

For more information Please click.(https://www.sermeh.net/2020/01/02/termeh-luxury-persian-fabric/)

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Luxury Tablecloth for Small,End and Side tables, Furniture Cloth, Persian Gift


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