Klash Footwear(Giveh) (Traditional Natural Shoes) (1101)

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 What an amazing job! now we can see our ancient shoe called “Klash”. Klash is an ancient shoe that is made of natural materials such as cotton and leather. From ancient times up to now, lots of Iranians are used to wear this type of shoe specially in summertime. Because of the specific and natural materials used to make it, the feet are kept cool. In addition,one of the fascinating news about Klash is that it does not have left and right. It means you can use both pair of shoes for each foot. for more information please click.(https://www.sermeh.net/2019/10/31/a-brief-history-of-giveh-klash/)


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There are some characteristics which have kept Klash(handmade shoes) still popular in spite of the huge number of shoes manufactured by shoe factories.

Interestingly enough Klash has no right or left pair. Each of these handmade shoes can be worn either by the right or the left foot. Previously all types of Giveh used to be similar to Klash in this regard but with the advent of technology they changed.

Another interesting characteristic of Klash is that it keeps your feet cool and thus prevents any unpleasant odor. Also Klash won’t be affected by any color.

This type of Giveh, unlike the other types, does not have a variety of colors and is only made in plain white color. Before you begin to use it, you need to rub it on the grass so that any holes left in the soles are filled by grass; this way your Klash will be water proof. And lastly even though Klash is produced mostly by women, it is only made for men and it has no female version. for more information please click.(https://www.sermeh.net/2019/10/31/a-brief-history-of-giveh-klash/)(https://www.sermeh.net/2019/02/26/klash/)

 Pay attention please

In the bottom part of the Klash there is a special rope that abatement of the form falling shoes. When you buy these one, you notice that it must remove from shoes by your hands because after wearing them, they have taken the shape of your feet.

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