Handcrafted Pottery Bowl (5101)

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Lalejin is a pottery town near the city of Hamedan.  Its products are popular throughout Iran. Lalejin produces a blue tableware and an ornamental “oustanding” glaze .  The town contains an entire ceramic eco-system, from clay processing to product showrooms.

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Looking for a fantastic keepsake from Persian land? Do not hesitate! Lalejin’s pottery and ceramics course was registered as the National Heritage in 2016 by World Crafts Council (WCC). So, Persian Pottery has been handed down from generation to generation in Lalejin. This is their ancient and traditional art. The crafts have got good quality and the materials used are good enough to some extent.

This unique Seljuk (One of Iranian Islamic dynasties in the fifth to sixth centuries AH ) style painted pottery bowl includes all that one wishes at once. Saljughi Bowl is one of the two selected works of the national handicraft badge designed by Leila Taghipour (Tabriz 2018) . Because of the restoration of the Seljuk period pottery, some Iranian artists reconstructed and redesigned them in new fashions.

This rich history of brightly patterned handcrafted Persian Pottery in Iran inspired our collection. It worth mentioning that the designs are painted entirely by hand using old techniques and traditional stories of Iran.

The original renaissance of pottery and the designs of that era makes a unique work of art so that you will have fantastic artwork that brings warmth and mythical character to all your valuable collections or home decoration.





20 Cm



– CM



Brown & White


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