PERSIAN RUGS Since ancient times, Persian Rug have represented luxury and comfort.but today, they are part of everyday life in many homes,with different functions; as part of the decoration,to provide warmth during the winter,or simply to be an area where we can sit and share. Choose yours and enjoy it. rugAny loom or fabric, used to cover […]


 Bakhtiari Carpet The Bakhtiari Carpet is one of the Iranian underground layers. Bakhtiari carpet is an Iranian carpet produced among Bakhtiari peopel. Bakhtiari carpet is woven with cotton thread and woolen fabric and is therefore lighter than most eastern carpet. Bakhtiari carpet is one of the most durable Iranian hand made carpets. Kilim is one of […]


Persian Carpets Persian Carpets  are woven from cotton, wool and in some cases, silk, which is usually used to cover the ground. Since Persian rugs have always had beautiful robes, today they are also considered to be decorative. Since 2014, the city of Tabriz in Iran has been introduced as the capital of the carpet […]


Zanjan Carpet Zanjan carpet is kind of Persian Handmade Carpets. Carpet weaving in Zanjan is one of the oldest industries that plays a significant role in the export of Iranian carpets. Weaving carpets can be mentioned from the beginning of the city, that is, since the time of the kingdom of Ardeshirbabakan. Zanjan’s carpets are one of […]


Sirjan Kilims: It is believe that Iranians, specially in villages, shows their riches on the floor and because the most precious carpets are surely not for walking over- on the wall. The secret of the splendid of the Persian Kilims lies in the selection of material the richness of the blonds of colors, the beauty of the […]


persian history The Persian Empire was one of the first major empires in the ancient world. The ancient Persian Empire originated in the region currently known as Iran. At its peak, the Persian Empire encompassed most of the Middle East, Asia Minor and parts of Central Asia and India. Early Persians inhabited the ancient region of […]