Iranian Jewels Museum The treasure of the ” National Jewels Treasury ” is a collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world that has been available for centuries and ages. The importance of jewelry in the “National Jewels Treasury” is not limited to its economic value, but it reflects the taste of Iranian craftsmen and […]


Iranian Handicraft Iranian Handicraft :The identity of any country can be found in the context of the culture and history of that ancient civilization, and this identity is part of an ancient story of the connections between the arts and civilization of the people of that region. Iran, having a deep and deep civilization, One […]


persian history The Persian Empire was one of the first major empires in the ancient world. The ancient Persian Empire originated in the region currently known as Iran. At its peak, the Persian Empire encompassed most of the Middle East, Asia Minor and parts of Central Asia and India. Early Persians inhabited the ancient region of […]


ISFAHAN   Isfahan is located 406 kilometers south of Tehran, and it is located at the intersection of the two principal north_south and east–west routes of Iran. Its also has hot weather during the summer and it has very cold nights in winter. Isfahan also has many, monuments, historical buildings, paintings and Handicrafts. Its one of […]


HISTORY OF KALPOURGAN POTTERY Kalipour is the name of a medicinal plant with a special drug in the Balochistan region, and Kalpourgan is one of that fascinating villages, located in Sistan and Baloochestan province in southeast of Iran has recently nominated as the first handicraft village in the world. Most of the people are farmers and […]


IRANIAN KLASH Klash, also called Giveh, is a traditional footwear used to be very popular all over Iran in the past. The lightweight and breathable footwear was originally intended to wear by men, however, in some regions they are welcomed by women too in the hot summertime. A network of creative craft cities worldwide(WCC) has been […]


Persian Woodcarving One of the brilliant handicrafts in Iran, like the other kinds of ancient crafts which is a combination of art and patience, is Persian Woodcarving . Its artisans create highly talented and valuable consumer goods from cheap and great deal of initial materials. Persian Woodcarving involves carving of wood based on precise designs. […]


Kind of  Persian Gemstones Turquoise(Persian Gemstones): Turquoise is one of the most beauty and stunning stone in Iran (formerly known as Persia) for over 5000 years.Although Iranian production accounts for just a small fraction of the world’s total output, its turquoise still sets the standard for quality. It name in Iran as “Ferozah” which translated […]