How To Identify Real Turquoise??

Identify Real Turquoise Identify a real Turquoise is not easy even for experts. It is recommended to ask for a certificate once you purchase a Turquoise. But there are couple of ways that you can identify a real turquoise: The veins in turquoise are actually the remains of rocks and metals that have already formed […]


Iranian Jewels Museum The treasure of the ” National Jewels Treasury ” is a collection of the most expensive jewelry in the world that has been available for centuries and ages. The importance of jewelry in the “National Jewels Treasury” is not limited to its economic value, but it reflects the taste of Iranian craftsmen and […]

Turquoise Inlaying, Miracle Handicrafts Of Isfahan

  Turquoise Inlaying First of all, Iranian artist buys waste turquoise chips from turquoise forming workshops or turquoise mines in Mashhad, Neishabour or Damghan. Since such chips are usually accompanied by some earth and ordinary stone chips, they are first separated and cleaned. Then, the chips are graded based on their sizes so the right size turquoise […]