Towel Weaving (Tobafi)

َAuthentic Iranian art (Tobafi)

Towels Weaving (Tobafi)

Towel Weaving (Tobafi)In this article you will be introduced to the fine art of Towel Weaving (Tobafi), which is one of the handicrafts of the people of Khorasan-e-Jonubi. Follow us on.

Towel weaving, which has been practiced in one of the villages of Khorasan in the past, called Kharashad. Most women in this village are weaving. The raw material is silk or crack.

South Khorasan is a historic area where many handicrafts are produced. It has different landscapes, natural textures and rural areas and has developed a habitat based on the arts available to it. In general, The artists of this land benefit from natural materials and their art is made of beautiful textures that catch the eye of every viewer.

Kharashad is a village located 5 kilometers southeast of Birjand. Towel Weaving (Tobafi) is one of the most important handicrafts in South Khorasan province. As it is the only handicraft in the province, which has been nominated for the Seal of Authenticity from the country’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization.

To weave the fabric in the traditional way, Tobafi first supplies raw materials such as cotton, silk or wool, and then weaves yarn. Next, boil the yarn obtained and use flour to thicken it. Then with the help of these fabrics and the weaving machine wheel, the final product is obtained. A delicate and unobtrusive product that calms the body and makes the desert climate bearable.

Toubafi-art(Towel Weaving) in Birjand Kharashad

The rural women of South Khorasan have been producing handicrafts, including rugs, rugs, carpets and traditional fabrics in addition to agriculture, livestock and household chores.

handmade-towelTowel Weaving (Tobafi) is one of the most revitalized and original arts in South Khorasan. After the carpet weaving of the most profitable handicrafts and is now a candidate for the stamp of international authenticity. In all the houses in this village there are a number of women housewives. َAlso, Even college students and women, who are not present in the village, return to Kharashad on holiday and weave cloth. The women of the village set up a co-operative in 2010 that buys all the products they produce.

Textile was able to provide for the households and compensate for droughts, and the people of the village were able to make a living through textiles.

Scarves, travel towels, baby towels, toiletries, pocket handkerchiefs, kitchen towels, filters, night tents, etc. are the products that rural women wear. Also, the distinctive feature of these fabrics is that they are 100% cotton and handmade and have low sensitivity and volume. Superior water absorption, anti-allergenic and naturalness are the benefits of woven products in this village.

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