Handmade Wool Carpet, Sirjan Kilim(2105)

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Sirjan kilims that are hand woven offer a good balance of durability and beauty. The material used is natural wool that make this kind of rugs not only so soft and comfortable but also valuable.

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Handmade Kilims of Sirjan typically have both bold types and colors. Designs are often geometric, and sometimes feature flower (rose) motif.Colors of which are used are often a red field with other colors being blue, black, ivory and other colors. Sirjan are on the thinner side, but there are some which would fall into a medium pile height category. It is 100% wool and Hand Made.

The distinguishing element of Sirjan kilims is that the ends of these rugs carry cotton strings. It has beautiful red color to protect the strands of kilims and formulate its strength and solidity. The designs are mostly based on nature around: trees, birds and animals such as goat and camel inspired the artists weaving the Kilims.

The weaving of kilims was an significant talent to be mastered by young girls to have chance to amend their standing through marriage. Having the ability to weave excellent kilims meant to be able to help economically to their families and also their future husbands. Young women’s used to weave in their kilims mark meaning success and good luck,the personality of each tribe, and their enthusiasm.

You can use these colorful Handmade Kilims in all places such as rooms and parlors . The tasteful people always use sirjan kilims in their homes or even work rooms.

For more information please click.(https://www.sermeh.net/2019/07/01/kilims/),(https://www.sermeh.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=3969&action=edit)

Dimensions 85 × 44 cm

Marinos wool


85 CM


44 CM






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